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Learn about interesting vision facts, such as how the cuttlefish sees with it's unorthodox eye anatomy, the history of spectacle lenses, and how color blindness affects vision.

The Origin of Spectacle Lenses

Spectacles might be one of the most useful objects of our daily life; but surprisingly the circumstances of its invention remain quite unclear. Find out more about this fascinating story of how the spectacle lens came about.

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History of Spectacle Lenses in The Middle Ages

Around 1000 AD, the spread of "reading stone", magnifying glass made with transparent quartz or beryl, started in Europe among monks to help them to read manuscripts. The invention of reading stones was based on the theories of the Arabic astronomer and mathematician Alhazen...

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About UV Rays

Contrary to other parts of your body, your eyes will never recover from damage and cumulative damages can lead you to hazardous eyes diseases. Learn more about damage prevention, and why this problem exists.

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Color Blindness

Red-green color-blindness, which makes the patient unable to distinguish red and green, is the most common types of colorblindness. This article contains information about the perception of colour, and the colour perception tests.

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